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I don’t know if you noticed it yet, but there is some stuff going on about clear heels, one of the latest shoe trends. Clear heels refer to shoes (mostly with heels) of which some parts are made of transparent parts. Is the first question that comes up in your mind: why transparent shoes? You are not the only one! However, once you’ve studied this in more detail (yes I did), you will notice one very big advantage of these clear shoes: you don’t see the transparent parts; it just seems if if the shoes are not connected to your feet, and this can create very interesting effect. How special you want to make it depends on much “plastic” you want on your feet.


Clear heels

Clear heels literally refer to the heel of the shoe being clear. That is also how this trend developed in the first place. A clear heel has a very cool effect, as once the distance is high enough, it seems like the shoes are just flying with you in them. For those of you who are not a big fan of stiletto’s, if you wear these shoes, it doesn’t even matter how thick the clear heels are, because you won’t see them! Apart from this cool side effect, clear heels are just as comfortable (or just as uncomfortable) as normal heels. An extra cool effect can be created when choosing for colored clear heels or a combination of both.


Clear shoes

One step further than the original clear heels, are the clear shoes. This means that at least one part of the shoe is transparent. Most of the time this is the side part of the shoe, especially for stiletto’s. In that way, the impression is created that you wear shoes with only a top and a heel, which gives you a very dramatic appearance. One of the classic models within this category are the black clear heels.


Clear all the way

The last category of clear heels are clear all the way, so both the heel as well as the shoe itself are clear, meaning that at a certain distance it will looks like you are not wearing any shoes at all. Although there is some variation. Some shoes just combine some elements. One of the things I like very much is the shoes with strass on top of the transparent parts, because then it seems like the strass is just in your feet. There are some very cool and original models of such shoes on


What with sweat?

Apart from the cool effects of clear heels, there is one big disadvantage: you cannot sweat in those! Luckily, there are already several tricks you can experiment with to solve this issue.




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