5 Fashion Tips for Spring 2018 That You Must Know

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Vandaag heb ik voor jullie een ietwat andere blog klaarstaan! Ik heb de blog post namelijk niet zelf geschreven; vandaag presenteer ik namelijk de eerste blogpost van mijn gastblogger Iris! Iris is net als ik volledig into fashion en gaat jullie vandaag wat meer vertellen over de belangrijkste fashion trends voor de lente 2018. En dat komt goed uit, want de lente is toch wel net begonnen zeker! Theoretisch dan toch!

De post is het in Engels, maar laat dat jullie zeker niet tegenhouden om snel verder te lezen en je te laten inspireren door de leuke foto’s!

5 Fashion Tips for Spring 2018 That You Must Know

Many designers have wowed us on runways and we’ve seen some pretty amazing works of art! Now that Spring 2018 is officially here, the newest fashion trends are finally emerging!

But, many of us cannot afford designer clothes so how can we keep up with the latest looks? You don’t have to worry, ladies! Here are five simple and amazing tips you need to know for Spring 2018!

  1. Have Fun With Fabric!

            There are many exciting ways to wear fabric, so don’t just stick to the normal cotton and silk! This fashion season why not wear cute, fringe dresses. A proud descendant of the flapper dresses of the 1920s and the hippie vests of the mid-1960s, this year’s fringe dresses are a perfect balance of elegance and comfort.

And if you’re not that into it, try more transparent fabrics like chiffon or tulle. These fabrics will surely create a sexy and whimsical vibe to any dress you wear.


  1. Wear Cozy Couture!

            Spring season means it’ll still be a little cool so having jackets on hand will be essential. But, worry not, because windbreakers are still in fashion this season. You can opt to wear your windbreaker from last year or make this a reason to buy a beautiful, new one!

Another trend that may sweep the fashion world this year is trench coats. There are so many ways to personalize a trench coat, may it be sticking to simple khakis and blacks or looking for more unique colors. You couldn’t go wrong with both.


  1. Swing It With Shapes!

            This year is the year to go all out with differently shaped clothing. One fad that will be good to look into is puffed sleeves. No, not the kind of sleeves you used to wear when you were younger. These are longer, more mature-looking versions of that; perfect for simple colored blouses!

You can also try wearing squared necklines, which also creates a very beautiful and professional look to tops and dresses, alike.



  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize!

            Spring 2018 sees the mighty return of the ‘80s favorite bag, the fanny pack! Now, you wouldn’t be considered unfashionable if you’re seen with a bag tied around your waist. Experiment with different colors and different patterns to match all your outfits.

Admittedly, this season’s clothing inspirations are creatively all over the place, and some key pieces might look a bit too loose. That’s why you should accessorize with a belt around your waist for more definition. You can choose between wide and thin and plain-colored or patterned; so as long as it doesn’t clash with your dresses and pants.


  1. Play With Prints & Colors!

            This season, color trends come from two different sides of the spectrum. You can opt for muted and romantic tones by wearing pastels. This is perfect for a vintage floral ensemble that’s very feminine. You can also wear these light colors on power suits to balance out your look.

But, if you’re into louder pieces, try wearing highly saturated colors! This is perfect for mixing patterns together to create a look that’s both fun and full of personality. Another fashion trend to try out this year is wearing black and white polka dots. Show off beautiful dresses with this simple pattern for a clean and classic look.


See, there’s enough to make everyone happy with this season’s fashion trends as there are so many to choose from. The only thing left to do is to plan your wardrobe for Spring 2018. So, get on going and have fun, ladies!

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